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Orange County Party & Event Specialist

One-of-a-Kind Parties

Your style is different from the last client we worked  with … or the next one we will work with. That’s why we take time with you planning a tailor-made event. We’ll give you exactly what you want!

One-of-a-Kind Entertainment

Are great entertainers born … or are they made? Both. It takes a certain God-given talent to be a good entertainer. And it takes training to become a great entertainer. We have both. Natural talent and experience.

One-of-a-Kind References

How do you judge the quality of an entertainment company? Check their references. Do quality hotels and country clubs give them high marks? How about clients? We’re proud to share our references with you.

One-of-a-Kind  Value

We’re not the cheapest around. We’re certainly not the most expensive. But when you consider what you get for the money: the talent, the quality, the reliability, the extras we throw in, you quickly see the high value you get. You get a lot for your money!